Monday, 7 September 2015

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         MYTHS ABOUT MERCHANT NAVY  SAILOR                                  
OK, so over the years I  had several thousand clinched questions asked about Sailors and Merchant Navy. So   here are some myths about sailors and sailing, along with the reality  attached to it :

  •  Myth: Everybody gets seasick – WRONG!!! this is usually the first question everyone asks. So ur in the merchant navy eh? don't u get sea sick?? Sea sickness is exactly like motion sickness. Does everyone have motion sickness? NO!! so why would everyone get seasick? Yea people do get sea sick but not as often as normally believed.
  • Sailor’s life is the easiest :  There is always work on a ship. what work you ask? cargo needs to be loaded, monitored, secured. routes need to be devised for the next voyage , necessary engine repairs need to be done. The need of the hour is speed, so by the time you are done with your work in port , it is time to depart. It is your good fortune if you get to go out.
  • Sailors can guzzle any amount of alcohol – Sure back then sailors and pirates had barrels full of ale and would get drunk at the drop of a hat. But these days that can lead to you getting sacked. Companies have a zero alcohol policy, thanks to all the drunken accidents caused by ancient mariners. Alcohol upto a certain percentage is allowed, anything above that is unacceptable. Which makes sense coz in that state ur a danger to yourself and your crew. So try being sober for 5-6 months and then guzzling crazy amounts of alcohol. 
  • Sailors make a ton of money – Not really. It firstly depends on the type of ship ur on. oil tankers etc will obviously pay more thanks to the inherent risks involved. Secondly it depends on your company. obviously some companies pay more than others but even then, a decent MBA from a good college or a masters will end up paying you the same amount. sure the starting salary has a wide margin, but 5-6 years down the line it is almost the same.
  •  I’ve been asked – Don't u get bored just looking at the sea everyday? Riddle me this, do u get bored looking at the same roads, buildings etc each day? Atleast at sea u often wake up to the sights of an island right next to you, or maybe a few dolphins swimming with your ship, or a pack of birds which fly for days along with your ship which in my opinion is fantastic. The night sky is unbelievably clear, the moonlight does wonders to the sea at night. You have to see it to believe it , I find it calming, the soft rustle of the ship cutting across the water, small ripples that run for miles.
  • Sailor eh? What about pirates? – Pirates are like a corrupt government. you know its there but not much can be done. it is an evil that exists and probably will for several decades to some. i dont know if the movie franchise ‘pirates of the caribbean’ can be blamed for it but it sure has risen over the years. what can be done?
  • Ships = Massive pollution – Ships are responsible for just 3% of the world total pollution. the rest comes from industries, automobiles etc. i know there have been a string of oil spills in the recent past but those were all accidents.
Bottom line after all this is that Sailors are human too. we too work hard, we too have families to think about and no sailing does not imply living on a cruise ship. it sucks ad hurts that sailors are branded as people who just love to while away time and are not really serious about life. working on a ship is no piece of cake. We live with  cuts, bruises, burns almost daily. The work environment is hostile, and it requires a great competence to survive at sea. the sea does not forgive incompetence. i know most of you cant help it coz this seems to be the general opinion for everyone. 


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